What is the easiest/best way to find the right hotel?

Our portal offers you several ways to find a suitable hotel for your stay.

Region search

If you are looking for a hotel in a specific region or canton, this function is very suitable. To do this, select the region where you want to spend your vacation in the search bar. All hotels in the selected region will be listed.

Search by place / hotel

Have you already determined the place of your stay, or do you want to search for a specific hotel? With the search by hotel or place you can enter your own text. 

Map search

The map search shows all our hotels and their locations on a geographical map. You can zoom in and out of the map to refine your search.

Experience search

The experience search function allows you to search for a specific theme. This function is particularly suitable if, for example, you are planning a wellness or skiing stay and would like to find all suitable hotels regardless of the location.

Direct bookings

Some hotels do not have to be contacted through a booking request, but can be booked directly. You can see these hotels at a glance by activating the filter "Bookable immediately".

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